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Pivotal 4pharma welcomes in 2010 (15/01/10)
This is a very exciting time now that I have finally left AstraZeneca after completing my 12 month notice period. Pivotal 4pharma is fully up and running and we have made an encouraging start – the first business is ‘in the bag’, and we have a number of exciting leads for new projects!

From past experience in Pharma marketing, January is the month for getting all those ducks in a row for the rest of the year– hopefully by now you have agreed budgets, identified key projects and deliverables and you can action your 2010 plan. And then the work real work starts, and you wonder whether you have got the required manpower resource to deliver? As indicated on this website, Pivotal 4pharma offers breast cancer marketing support and services across the medical marketing mix, both at a strategic and/or tactical level. So if it seems you are going to need additional support to deliver your 2010 activities, then why not consider using the services of Pivotal 4pharma? Currently we have the capacity to take on additional work – either as one-off discrete projects or longer-term assignments.

I am currently planning my meeting attendance for 2010, with EBCC (Barcelona), ASCO and San Antonio on the agenda. These meetings will all be important for networking and business development activities for Pivotal 4pharma, and just as important, staying on top of the advances and new data in the breast cancer field, and maintaining my contacts with Key Opinion Leaders. This will ensure that Pivotal 4pharma can give optimal support and assistance on any future projects. I have already registered for EBCC, so if you would like to meet up, either to discuss potential projects or just to say hello, just drop me a line and we can arrange a meeting.

Wishing you all a successful and prosperous 2010. This website provides details of our services, but if you need further information, then please contact us.

Tim and Ros Sheldon

“I highly recommend the services of Tim Sheldon and Pivotal 4pharma.”

Dr John E Pippen Jr
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