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Welcome to the launch of Pivotal 4pharma! (03/09/09)
This is a very exciting time for Ros and I, the founders and Directors of Pivotal 4pharma. We hope you find the website interesting and that it provides you with sufficient detail to make a judgement on whether Pivotal 4pharma can meet your needs in the breast cancer medical marketing arena. If you require more information, then please contact us.

After working for 30 years for a major pharmaceutical company, the last 15 years of which have been in breast cancer marketing, you may think this leap into 'independence' is made with a degree of trepidation. In fact nothing could be further from the truth - we have found planning and building our new venture really motivating and cannot wait to start trading. On the topic of starting trading, we will open for business on Dec 1st 2009, by which time my employment with AstraZeneca will have ceased. Between now and then, while I continue to work my notice, I am able to advertise our services, and book in work. If you think we can be of assistance please give me a call.

I am joined in this venture by my wife of 24 years, Ros, who recently left a large Agrochemical Company after 29 years in toxicology and project management. While I have been working my notice, she has done a fantastic job setting up our new company and making it happen. We have also received great advice and support from colleagues and friends, and a good number of Key Opinion Leaders with whom I have developed excellent working relationships and friendships over the years.

In launching Pivotal 4pharma, we spent a lot of time wrestling over where to position our services - should we seek to cover the whole of oncology, or should we focus on breast cancer where I have specialist expertise? After much deliberation, discussions with colleagues, and consideration of where we can make an immediate impact and offer best value, we decided to focus on the breast cancer area. Time will tell whether this was the correct decision or not. I am sure it will be!

All that remains for me to say now, is 'welcome to Pivotal 4pharma', and we look forward to hearing from you if you want to find out more. Thanks for
your time.

Tim and Ros Sheldon

“I can guarantee that his skills could be extremely helpful for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies dealing in the field of breast cancer.”

Professor JM A Nabholtz
Pivotal 4pharma provides strategic and tactical medical communications and marketing expertise.