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September 2016 Update. A busy 7 years! (14/9/16)
In our previous (2013) update we resolved to do better at updating our website more regularly – we didn’t do very well?! But we have been very busy, so much so that in March 2015, Ros, having already reduced her toxicology workload, switched to working full time with Tim on the marketing and medical communication projects. And very pleasingly for us, the projects we’ve secured have included some new disease areas, thus enabling us to continue to further extend our expertise, although breast cancer and general oncology remain a specialty area.
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October 2013 Update. What’s going on in Pivotal? (08/10/13)
Life in Pivotal 4pharma has been very busy over the past 12 months, but that’s no excuse for the long time since we last updated our blog. We resolve to do better. Working with a company specializing in KOL mapping, interviewing of international experts in a number of different disease areas has continued to give us steady work. This has involved us interviewing experts in a number of different disease areas, including heart failure, hepatitis C, glioblastoma, lung cancer and gastric cancer; additionally we worked on a very interesting project looking at access to medicines in the emergency medicine area.
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Its September already! (21/09/12)
We hope all our friends and colleagues have had a good summer – the wonderful British weather apart! I am pleased to say that it has been a very busy one for Pivotal 4pharma, being involved in several key projects that have delivered over the summer, or will deliver in the next couple of months. We have continued to win projects working directly with Pharma, or supporting Med Comms agencies on both short-term and longer-term projects.
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Welcome to 2012! (27/01/12)
A Happy New Year to all our friends and colleagues. Already the first few weeks of 2012 have passed, and we hope you are all fully recharged and feeling positive about the year ahead – even in these challenging and testing times for the Pharma industry. We would like to thank all our clients for their continued support during 2011.
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Where has the year gone? Here comes summer! (07/07/11)
The year is flying by, we are into July, and already thinking ahead to the end of 2011
and beyond. Since I last wrote, the St Gallen Breast Cancer meeting and ASCO have taken place, and my registration is booked for the December San Antonio breast cancer meeting..
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Pivotal 4pharma welcomes in 2011 (18/01/11)
A Happy New Year to all our friends and colleagues. Hopefully you enter 2011 refreshed and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. It’s hard to believe that Pivotal 4pharma is now entering its second year of business, with my time at AstraZeneca now becoming a dim and distant memory.
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Pivotal 4pharma – Life so far and what’s next (19/07/10)
Where have the past six months gone? Time is really flying by as Pivotal 4pharma seeks to establish itself as ‘the hub for breast cancer marketing expertise’. Business so far has been steady, and it has been great to meet new people and provide support to a wide range of companies (from big pharma to small family run businesses), some of whom I had never met or heard of before leaving AstraZeneca.
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Pivotal 4pharma welcomes in 2010 (15/01/10)
This is a very exciting time now that I have finally left AstraZeneca after completing my 12 month notice period. Pivotal 4pharma is fully up and running and we have made an encouraging start – the first business is ‘in the bag’, and we have a number of exciting leads for new projects!
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Welcome to the launch of Pivotal 4pharma! (03/09/09)
This is a very exciting time for Ros and I, the founders and Directors of Pivotal 4pharma. We hope you find the website interesting and that it provides you with sufficient detail to make a judgement on whether Pivotal 4pharma can meet your needs in the breast cancer medical marketing arena. If you require more information, then please contact us.
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