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Professor John F R Robertson Testimonial

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“I have known Tim Sheldon for almost 20 years and have worked with him in numerous contexts as his role within AstraZeneca grew over that time period.

Throughout this time my interaction with Tim involved various aspects of clinical trials including steering committees, presentation of trial results at national and international meetings, writing committees and AstraZeneca sponsored meetings. Tim's understanding of breast cancer showed through in all that he did and while obviously employed by a pharmaceutical company he maintained an objectivity which highlighted both his insight and integrity. I also know Tim from Advisory Boards which I have been part of either as a member or on occasions as an external facilitator. In all of these activities Tim was very organised and quite prepared to spend however many hours, days or weeks it took in preparation to ensure the output was accurate, interesting and highly professional.

Tim was also the main liaison person within AstraZeneca for two ongoing oncology courses which my department has run over the last ten and five years respectively. The first of these is a 3 day course for members of the pharmaceutical industry which has attracted delegates from all major pharmaceutical companies with an interest in oncology over this time period. The second has been focused on senior clinical oncologists and has drawn delegates from across the world. In the context of both of these types of courses Tim has been a pleasure to work with. With both courses. Tim has also interacted with other members of my department all of whom have only positive comments about both him personally and his work.

During the time I have known Tim he has worked in drug development, medical information, medical writing and marketing. He has been responsible for a number of AstraZeneca organised meetings both small and large, the latter sometimes involving thousands of delegates. At the same time he has been the point of contact with the organisers of independent meetings such as our own specialist courses. In all of my interactions with him he has been highly professional. His work has always been of the highest quality and standards and I have never known him to miss an agreed deadline.

I always looked forward to working with Tim. It is a pleasure to provide this reference for him which comes with my strongest recommendation and support."

John F R Robertson
Professor of Surgery
University of Nottingham
Professorial Unit of Surgery
City Hospital Campus
Hucknall Road
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